About us

Company Description
PÜR Music Marketing & Management is a unique music marketing and management firm based in San Francisco, California that focuses on providing the independent musician and record label with a professional yet creative marketing plan that promotes their music and brand using the most current marketing strategies and music marketing platforms.

Company Mission
PÜR Music Marketing's mission is to be the best music marketing and management firm for independent musicians by developing a platform for musicians to share their artistry with the world. By believing in clients, their music and personal mission PÜR will create unique and effective marketing and strategic business plans that focus on artist’s strengths. We will reinforce our values by (1) building open and honest relationships with clients and (2) deliver amazing results with creativity and unique services.

About Sheryl Lynn
With over 15 years of experience in the music industry Sheryl Lynn has been heavily involved in creating, developing and implementing integrated marketing plans and strategic career plans for musicians that have resulted in GRAMMY nominations, international touring and critical acclaim. Holding a Master's Degree in Entertainment, Sheryl Lynn also teaches marketing for musicians at the California Jazz Conservatory and consults for several non-profit jazz organizations.

Please note our management division is not accepting new clients at this time.


Product Management
  • Packaging and marketing material management

  • Digital asset management including metadata, artwork, music, and video for all digital releases

  • Develop best suited digital and physical retail programs

  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Digital Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • And More
Marketing Plans
  • Recommend and hire radio, publicity, online marketing, photography, graphics, video production staff.
  • Build a team and interact with each team member
 on client’s behalf and act as conduit for client’s vision.
  • Budget management, P&L analysis.
Digital Marketing
  • Social Media marketing & Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Ads
  • Website Integration
  • SEO
  • CD/DVD package and digital covers
  • Merchandise – posters, postcards, stickers, etc.
  • Flyers, ads, web banners, etc.
  • Photography referrals


Jeff Denson

Jeff Denson

Bassist, Composer & Educator
Wayne Wallace

Wayne Wallace

Trombonist, Composer, Arranger & Educator